Economic model predictive control without terminal constraints for optimal periodic behavior. Automatica, vol. 70, pp. 128-139, 2016. K. Worthmann, M. Reble, L. Grüne, and F. Allgöwer. The Role of Sampling for Stability and Performance in Unconstrained Nonlinear Model Predictive Control.
Abstract Model predictive control (MPC) is one of the most popular advanced control techniques and is used widely in industry. The main drawback with MPC is that it is fairly computationally expensive and this has so far limited its practical use for nonlinear systems. To reduce the computational burden of nonlinear MPC,

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Control Lyapunov-Barrier Function-Based Model Predictive Control of Nonlinear Systems Abstract: In this paper, we propose a Control Lyapunov-Barrier Function-based model predictive control (CLBF-MPC) method for solving the problem of stabilization of nonlinear systems with input constraint satisfaction and guaranteed safety for all times.
Nonlinear MPC through Matlab Forum: General Discussion. Creator: Juraj Stevek ... I am therefore not an expert on the code that you are using in this example.

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In this example we create a nonlinear MPC controller for a CSTR reactor using the MathWorks Nonlinear MPC Plugin. The objective is to control the concentration \(CA\) of reagent \(A\). You can download the MATLAB code used in this example to try it out for yourself by clicking here along with the dynamics here and the output function here.

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Elastomeric sealants are nonlinear viscoelastic materials that exhibit the Mullins effect. As a result, the behavior of a sealant depends on the previous history of strains the sample has seen.
All of the material is thoroughly updated for the second edition with the chapters on nonlinear MPC, MPC and hybrid systems and MPC implementation being entirely new. Many new exercises and examples have also have also been added throughout and MATLAB ® programs to aid in their solution can be downloaded from

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We demonstrate the advantages of the proposed method for fault-tolerant control of several nonlinear example problems. Mayne, D.Q., Kerrigan, E.C., van Wyk, E.J., and Falugi, P. “Tube-based robust nonlinear model predictive control.†International Journal of Robust and Nonlinear Control, 21:1341–1353, 2011.
An example of a nonlinear single degree of freedom MPC is a geometrically nonlinear two-dimensional slider involving nodes a, b, and c. The constraint forces node a to be on the straight line connecting nodes b and c (see Figure 1 ).

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Nonlinear MPC Vendors and Packages • Adersa – Predictive Functional Control (PFC) • Aspen Technology – Aspen Target • Continental Controls – Multivariable Control (MVC): Linear Dynamics + Static Nonlinearity • DOT Products – NOVA Nonlinear Controller (NLC): First Principles Model • Pavilion Technologies
Within the download section you will find software for the nonlinear model predictive control package YANE, tutorials and standard examples, and source codes for all examples of the book "Nonlinear Model Predictive Control: Theory and Algorithms" To access the respective files, click on the folders below.

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Let us consider a simple example for a nonlinear function In ACADO this concept of symbolic representation is em- defined as ployed to define the whole MPC optimization problem (cf. Figure 4). In this example, we define a least squares f (φ, ω) := −g sin(φ) − a cos(φ) − bω .
Abstract Model predictive control (MPC) is one of the most popular advanced control techniques and is used widely in industry. The main drawback with MPC is that it is fairly computationally expensive and this has so far limited its practical use for nonlinear systems. To reduce the computational burden of nonlinear MPC,

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4. Leveraging data in real-time nonlinear MPC. In the general case of the nonlinear MPC scheme -, , we cannot expect that the cost function J N is convex. Therefore, we propose in this section a different learning method that does not depend on convexity, but instead exploits Lipschitz continuity. 4.1.

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Two examples are presented to illustrate the implementation and the performance of the proposed nonlinear MPC. In example 1, a numerical state-space equation is used, and in example 2, the control problem of CSTR is considered.
G. Pannocchia Course on Model Predictive Control. Part IV – Nonlinear MPC and MHE 15 / 22 Part IV – Nonlinear MPC and MHE 15 / 22 Linear state estimation as an optimal control problem

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Examples: queuing lines in supermarket, manufacturing system, railway network max-plus algebra as main modeling framework max: synchronization, +: durations Focus on control (MPC) + analysis + stochastic systems Hybrid, adaptive, and nonlinear 8 / 22
Nonlinear MPC Analysis - III - Finite-Horizon NMPC Feasibility and Stability with Terminal Conditions. Overview of Distributed MPC. Overview of Economic MPC. Additional Topics: Robust Tube-Based MPC, Explicit MPC, Moving Horizon Estimation, Fast MPC. Homeworks/Projects: Assignment 1: due 09/18/18
Part 4: Adaptive, Gain-Scheduled, and Nonlinear MPC Learn about the type of MPC controller you can use based on your plant model, constraints, and cost function. Options include the linear time-invariant, adaptive, gain-scheduled, and nonlinear MPC.
of robust MPC techniques has been widely discussed, but these were rarely applied in practice due to their conservativeness or their computational complexity. This thesis presents multi-stage nonlinear model predictive control (multi-stage NMPC) as a promising non-conservative robust NMPC control scheme, which is applicable in real-time.
Like linear MPC, nonlinear MPC solves a constrained optimization problem at each control interval. However, since the plant model is nonlinear, nonlinear MPC converts the optimal control problem into a nonlinear optimization problem with a nonlinear cost function and nonlinear constraints.

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